Photography for collectors

Modern and old-times photographs implemented in archival techniques in limited series, specially marked, representing both artistic and collectible values, according to the standards defined for this type of photography.

Black and white photography:

  • platinotype – on a paper basis
  • pigment – on a diferrent kind of basis
  • gum dichromate – on a paper basis
  • silver print – on a paper basis

Color photography

  • normal color prints
  • photograph prepared by the use of the pigment print

All photographic works are made on the substrates of the highest quality.

The photographs are made in a way that ensures the archival durability for 70 and more years

The photographs are numbered and marked with a sign stating how many photos has been made in the serie so far (e.g. 11/20 mark stating for eleventh work in the serie of twenty photographs).

Each photograph contains the title, year of creation and the signature of the author

The photograph is labeled with dry and wet stamp with the individual mark of the author

By following the standards applicable for the photography for collectors I provide reliability on the every single stage of edition and preparation, use of materials selected according to the requirements for this type of photography, museal and gallery as well. To show respect for the recipient – the viewer – I devote a huge part of my attention to the framework and presentation issues.

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