Photography framing meets all ascetic requirements, prevents and protects photography against destructive forces.

I focus on hand-made passe-partout using acid-free dense boards that comes with different thickness (1.4 – 3.5mm), color and texture. Frames are made from exotic wood that is protected with lacquer, wax or oil that guaranties no contact with the print. Backs are made of acid-free board. Glass is provided with anti-reflective and UV coating that meets museums requirements. It is perfectly transparent, provides no reflections and maximum safety for the art print. Upon request, standard glass with anti-glare coating is available.

Passe-partouts frames meet museum and collector requirements due do the usage of acid-free cellulose and 100% cotton fiber: Alpha Essentials, Alphamat Altacare Tatami Silks or Alpharag Artcare. The alkaline pH boards come with 1.5-3.2mm thickness and Photographic Activity Test certifications (ANSI iT9.16/ISO14523).

Museum quality glass blocks UV in 90%, light reflected does not exceed 1% and 98% is the factor of light transmission. The 2mm. thick glass comes with anti-glare or anti-reflective coating.

Framed box or passe-partout guarantees that the art print has no contact with the glass. Other elements, e.g. frame backs, also meets museums and collector’s requirements.

The frame type, materials, dimensions and preparation for events, exhibitions, auctions or interior decoration need to be discussed during an appointment or by mail order.