Gum dichromate is an individual technique. The rubber image forms itself during the process of the creative work. Every picture is different, because in the course of creative, individual process the repeatability of the physical activities and the stability of the parameters multitude can not be guaranteed.

Due to this fact I treat every piece of rubber individually, pursuing the intended goal. Sometimes it has to be corrected during the process, in order to take advantage of the all appearing technique surprises and convert them into very unexpected final effect. The rubber – like no other photographic technique – enables to create a margin for the creation process, because we have many options to choose from:

  • choice of the theme and its development in post-production to a negative
  • choice of the substrate
  • the way of the substrate preparation
  • choice of color pigments
  • the photosensitive layer composition and a method for applying this layer
  • the way for sensitization the layer
  • unlimited choice of manual techniques and use of tools to develop a positive contact print
  • time and manner of exposure
  • ability to make multiple copies of the negative on a contact sheet
  • the way of developing and fixing
  • a method of applying varnish

and many other factors used to create a work of art.

Each offprint made from the same negative in gum dichromate technique is always an original, an unique, regardless of the number and sequence of copies.

Only during the formation of the rubber offprint and in my own archives I sign copies with the sequence number in a set consisting of not more than 20 copies.

Printed intended for the recipient is signed as an “UNIQUE”